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Head Gaskets

Head gaskets are a common problem with the 6.0. The theory is that the torque to yield bolt that was used from the factory, along with the fact that only 4 bolts hold down the head around each cylinder, causes this problem. Most of my competitors will use a black onyx gasket when repairing the head gaskets. I don't, I use the ford blue gasket when doing this repair. Ford's gasket is superior in the fact that it has coatings of sealant around all water jackets and the cylinder. The black onyx gaskets is simply the metal gasket painted black, even the new updated gasket is inferior. If you are having anyone doing this repair and they are going to use black onyx gaskets run away. For any questions give me a call at (678) 920-1187.

Signs of blown head gaskets are:

  • Coolant loss through the degas bottle
Head Gaskets

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