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Fuel Screens

The 7.3 power stroke has a couple of issues one of them being the fuel screens in the tank. These screens are basically the first filter in the system and they work well. The problem is when the screens clog up. When they clog it puts stress on the fuel pump and also does not allow enough fuel to flow to run the engine properly. The real nuisance to this is the fact that they are in the fuel tank so the repair can cost more than it should. If they were outside of the tank like the 6.0 then the repair would be as simple as changing the filters. There are two ways to go about the repair, we have to drop the fuel tank and then No. 1 just clean the screens and put them back ( you probably get about the same amount of miles you got out of it originally) or No.2 remove the screens and put in an inline filter like RACOR. The RACOR filter is your best option for this repair. The filter is now on the outside of the truck and it is also a fuel water separator.

Signs that this could be your problem:

  • Truck stalls with white smoke
  • Lacks power
  • Runs rough
Fuel Screens

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