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Fuel Injection Control Module (FICM)

The FICM is a voltage sensitive module that requires 12 volts. the module then turns the 12volts to 48. Some of you may have noticed you cannot run your 6.0 without batteries. in essence if you start your truck and disconnect the batteries it will die. This module has to see the battery voltage. The module has transformers that convert the 12 volts to 48 volts, if the voltage is less than 12 the module has to stress certain parts to still achieve the 48.

Low batteries will kill a FICM and this is a costly repair to have to pay for. Poor design causes these modules to fail in one or more of the same four places. Some companies have come out with there bulletproof FICM and what they have done is beef up certain areas and also create more that 48 volts. I see a potential problem with that, if the circuits were designed to handle 48 and you juice it to 53 or more you could burn things up. This is why I took the time to find the problem with the original FICM. There is no need to re-engineer the whole thing just repair the problem that exists. The problem was the way that the component was soldered to the board. Even re-manufactured FICMs from ford have the same technique for solder and will have to get repaired again. I have beefed these solder joints up with my re-manufactured FICMs. I have had zero failures and the FICM performs with the stock 48 volts that the circuit was designed to handle. If you want your FICM repaired or have any questions call me at (678) 920-1187.

Signs of this as a problem are:

  • No start
  • Very hard to start

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