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EGR Cooler

The EGR cooler that the 04 and up 6.0 powerstroke is equipped with is very sub par. The 03 cooler is a great cooler that you would probably never have a problem out of. The 04 and up cooler is the square cooler. That cooler is the one that looks like a radiator on the inside. This cooler will fail over and over and cost you thousands in repairs. The fix is to either delete it or to buy a bullet proof cooler. The bullet proof cooler on the inside looks like the 03 cooler. If the EGR cooler ruptures it can damage the engine and hurt powerstroke performance costing you a lot of money in repairs. EGR cooler repair is a part of the bulletproof package.

Signs that this could be whats wrong with your truck:

  • White smoke
  • Engine Hydrolocking
  • Loss of coolant
EGR Cooler

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