Diesel Truck Repair in Atlanta

Here at Powerstroke Specialist Atlanta, we are diesel repair specialists. We have been helping the drivers of Atlanta and the surrounding area for many years now, and that's why we feel confident in saying, if you are having diesel trouble, you should come to us.

We have made a name for ourselves by offering first-rate customer service and repairs to match. Besides our diesel expertise, we offer clients great rates on diesel repair services. We are dedicated to providing the most competitive prices we can.

If expertise at great rates is the kind of service you need to get your diesel repaired, give Atlanta's best a call at (678) 920-1187 to schedule your diesel repair appointment.

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Diesel Engine Repair Diagnostics

When you bring your truck to our trusted team of specialists, the first thing we will do is provide a thorough inspection of your vehicle, so we can determine with precision the problem your truck is facing.

A diesel repair is only as good as its diagnosis because if a problem is missed, you will need to book another repair sooner than you want to. Our diesel experts understand diesel engines. They are very bulky, but the mechanism is incredibly precise and requires an expert's eye to be assessed or diagnosed correctly.

Full-Service Diesel Engine Repair

Once we have adequately and correctly diagnosed the issue with your truck, we will prove to you why we are Atlanta's favorite diesel mechanic. The accuracy and efficiency of our inspections reduce any potential delays in the repair process.

As a full-service diesel repair shop, we offer our clients a full range of repair services. Some common issues we deal with include:

  • Dirty fuel filters
  • Loose throttle linkages
  • Excessive lubrication
  • Storage battery malfunction
  • Fuel delivery issues that lead to hard starting
  • Faulty injector
  • EGR valve issue
  • Turbocharger malfunction
  • Lubricant contamination
  • Oxidized oil
  • High compression ratio
  • And more

The above list is simply a sample of our work here at Powerstroke Specialist Atlanta. If you are having trouble with your diesel truck, give us a call.

Diesel Repair Experts

As diesel specialists, our service technicians are fully certified to work on all the major brands of diesel engines. With many years of training and experience repairing, servicing, and rebuilding engines, our staff continues to prove they are the most capable team of diesel mechanics in Atlanta.

We have developed a reputation as a high-caliber diesel mechanic that all customers can rely on. For us, good service is all about communication, integrity, passion, and knowledge. That's what makes us one of the best diesel shops around.

Having Trouble with Your Diesel Truck? Call Powerstroke Specialist Atlanta!

Book an appointment at your local diesel repair shop today! Your diesel engine was built to last, but to keep it running properly, you'll need the helping hand of an expert from time to time. We are that expert.

You can always reach our experts when you call (678) 920-1187.