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Injectors on the 7.3 power stroke are very durable. In comparison to the 6.0 powerstroke injector it can handle a lot more abuse because of the way that it is built. When both of the injectors are set side by side the 7.3 is twice the size of the 6.0. In essence the 7.3 injector is a big beefy injector that is not sensitive and can handle a lot of abuse, but they will fail also just not near as often. We repair these trucks all the time and we have found that a truck with a lot of miles usually needs a whole set of injectors when on of them goes out. We have repaired several by only replacing a couple that where bad and in now time the vehicle would come back and have a different one out. So it is highly recommended by me that if you have to repair an injector just save the money in labor later and get a set of 8.

7.3 Injectors

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