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Tuning on the 6.0 powerstroke is a vital part of the trucks longevity. Tuners out there that increase injectors timing significantly will cause the head gaskets to blow. When the injector timing is increased it creates to much cylinder pressure. The way that you can get around the timing is by o-ringing the heads, which is standard in my bulletproof package. The tunes I build deal with injector pulse width. this does not advance timing it just changes the way that the fuel is introduced in the cylinder. Tuning can be one of the most important things that has to do with you truck staying on the road. It is also very important that you have the correct person doing your bullet proof. There are businesses out there that claim they bulletproof you truck but they use cheap gaskets and charge a fortune for o-ringing. If you want to get your truck tuned and bullet proofed properly you need to call me (678) 920-1187.

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